Hi, I'm Claire.

Previously User Experience Intern @Indeed, Product Design Intern @AUO

A UX Designer passionate about developing design solutions that help users to complete complicated tasks.


Solar Dispatch System

Collaborate with engineers to reimagine work order dispatch system across web and mobile platform.


An App that builds a bridge between pet fostering parents and the animal shelter/organization.


eCommerce Website Redesign

Redesign an E-commerce website facing Japanese market.


Course Registration

Leverage usability testing to identify problems and propose redesign.


Hi, I'm Claire Chang.

I'm a current graduate student studying Information Science (HCI/UX) at University of Texas at Austin. With my background in psychology and marketing, I enjoy translating research findings to create engaging user experience.

I've worked on different problem areas, including commerce, education and work force. Through these experiences, I've gained the knowledge to approach intricate systems and understandings of technical limitations.

Currently, I'm developing skills not only in UX design & research, but also in web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Python). I've developed a fun tool that can customize and generate neumorphism/soft UI css code.

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