eCommerce Website Redesign

Project aim

Redesign the an E-commerce website facing Japanese market to improve the usability and reduce customer issues.


2 Engineers, 1 marketing, and 1 Japanese writer

My Role in the project

UX Research UX Design Implementation
  • Led the design and strategy to reimage the website and implement the design with engineers, marketing, designer, and writer.
  • Conducted research to develop user journey map and iterated design solutions.

Google search as a new channel to get purchases

MostSim has products on, and the company wants to have more conversions from another channel: Google.


How can we leverage new website to increase conversions
while considering user needs?

The goal of redesigning the website is to help customers make the decision to buy our products and lead them to to finish the purchase.


Research - Design - Implementation

Research: from competitive research and quanlitative analysis.
Design: Develop user journey map and ideate design solutions.
Implementation: Work with engineers and Japanese writer to implement the design to the WordPress website.



What affects users’ trust toward businesses in Japanese market?

I conducted competitive analysis for 10+ competitors and bloggers to understand what Japanese customers value the most in terms of our products.

Takeaway #1
Instead of having clean designs that might hide information, Japanese customers prefer to have detailed information at once.
Takeaway #2
Japanese customers tend to have a comparison sheet to look at multiple options while selecting which product to buy.


What numbers told us about our customers?

From the ad results, customers who mainly purchased our products on the Internet are travellers between 25 and 44 years old, and there is no big gender difference.

According to research paper, one of the characteristics young travellers has is the willingness to do the research by themselves via the Internet.


User Journey Map (AIDAS Model)

A well-rounded redesign that helps customers through all phases

Major Improvements #1

Information provided to ease concerns

An overview of the strengths of buying products on MostSim. SEO is considered as well.

Walkthrough the purchasing process not only when the product is delivered, but also before and after the purchase.

Major Improvements #2

New product page with consistent CTA buttons

← →

Clear and consistent Call-to-Action buttons lead customers to the website.

Multiple product options are provided based on our findings of the travel length of customers.

Major Improvements #3

New FAQ page based on Amazon reviews

Common questions on and from customer service are gathered to create the new FAQ page to ease customers' concerns.

A simple and direct communication option is offered to customers.



~10% traffic on product pages

As of April 2019, the redesigned website brought 10% of the total traffic on Amazon product pages.
At the same time, the new website ranked on the 1st page of Google results with popular product keywords.

Next Steps


Design Iteration

Explore more ways to help users. Also improve both interaction and visual experiences.

User Testing

Validate the design solution by using qualitative research, and not to solely rely on quantitative results.